Repair Service

For ski and snowboard service, you benefit from our long experience and training. Our workshop is equipped with the latest machines. Martin Holdener, Service

Our service partners

  • Wintersteiger
  • Toko
  • Montana

Choose between two service options:

  • Full Service:
    Pre-grinding, base repair, stone grinding, structure, edge tuning, hot waxing   

  • Small Service:
    Pre-grinding, structure, edge tuning, hot waxing     

  • Optional:
    Check the binding settings with the JETBOND apparatus

  • Automatic grinding machine - Wintersteiger Scout

    From October 2020 we will have the new, revised, fully automatic grinding robot in our workshop with the latest SCOUT SDP.

    In addition to the stone module and the disc module, it also offers a polishing module for a top edge finish.

    The facts:

    Highly innovative feed technology without suction. The machine boasts the proven ceramic disc finish for precise side and base edge tuning. Self-sharpening grinding discs guarantee extremely precise edge geometry, precise grinding angles and smooth edge surfaces. Consistent grinding quality over the entire length of the ski is guaranteed.

  • Surface grinding machine - Wintersteiger Sigma SBI

    The compact sigma SBI combines the entire range of services found in a professional service station. Forty individual grinding programs for the stone and belt modules can be stored via the touch screen control panel.

    With a continuously variable stone and rotation speed, multi-level diamond positioning, and selectable inclination levels, the sigma stone-grinding apparatus enables an almost limitless variety of applications for the coating.

  • Wax machine - Montana Wax Future

    The race-tested wax method for the highest standards delivers a better and more lasting glide. The polyethylene coating is first evenly heated by infrared without any contact. We then apply the wax gently and without condensation at the right temperature. In this way, an even wax absorption is achieved with the right depth. The outside temperature does not affect the function of the infrared system, so the system can be used right next to the slopes. The WAX FUTURE offers 90 percent savings compared to a conventional racing wax, and requires less labor.

  • Binding testing machine - Jetbond

    The bindings are tested on the most modern instrument. Jetbond applies real pressure to simulate loading with precision, and delivers a highly reliable and realistic assessment of the binding. To get you safely through the winter.

We are happy to discuss different service and repair options in more detail.