Daily rental

For special skis (e.g., test skis, touring), carving skis, snowboards or sleds - you are at the right address. Philipp Holdener

Rental prices for up to 7 days are shown in the table below. Special half-day rates are available from 13:15 (Mon-Sat) and 13:30 (Sun). A detailed listing of all rental rates can also be downloaded in PDF format; just click on the link below.

Please note: A valid ID (drivers license, passport, identity card) is required for rental.
Attention: We do not rent clothing (gloves, jackets, pants) and googles.

Preise Winter 19/20

Special skis, test skis, touring skis (incl. skins)4575100120140160180
Standard ski (Cat. 1)35587590105120135
Budget ski (Cat. 2) *25405262728190
Youth skis 120-150cm / Snowblades16253340465258
Child skis 70-110cm11162024283134
Ski boots 37-4820303845625965
Ski boots 24 - 368121518212426
Adult snowboard3050658095105115
Child snowboard < 140cm18283744515865
Snowboard boots 38-4820303845525965
Snowboard boots 30 - 3715222834394347
Adult helmet10131619222528
Child helmet791113151719

Rental rates in CHF incl. VAT. The renter is liable for lost or damaged rental property.

* Cat. 2 skis are beginner or older models



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Benefit from our long experience and training in the ski service. Our workshop is equipped with the best machines.

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