Black Hawk

MACH launches its first high-tech sled, the BLACK HAWK, and is the first manufacturer in the world to use a design from ski production.

The extremely comfortable, fast and lightweight sports sled for recreational lugers guarantees maximum fun in all snow conditions thanks to the wide plastic runners. The innovative, novel construction and modern design make the BLACK HAWK a unique toboggan. The BLACK HAWK is sustainably handcrafted in Switzerland by the social foundation Wendepunkt.

Unique driving experience with maximum safety
From beginner to expert - driving fun and safety are the focus of the BLACK HAWK. The runners made of wear-resistant ski linings significantly improve the sled's gliding properties. This leads to higher speeds, especially in flat passages - more riding, less walking. The toboggan is designed as a single-seater for safety reasons. This makes it agile and easy to steer with precision. The steering method is also unique: a mixture of traditional "Davoser" and moving tobogganing. The seat is ergonomically and comfortably positioned for the driver and absorbs shocks from bumps.

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